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Rick's Home Improvements

I just wanted to commend you on your ladder rack system. After much research and many phone calls trying to find just the 'right' ladder rack, I came to the decision to go with System One and I am very happy with my choice. I am not the kind of person to jump into decisions, I thoroughly check all my options and I was very pleased with your willingness to answer my questions. My rack was delivered very quickly and I was impressed with how easy it was to assemble and install. It makes my 2003 truck look great and it is very functional. The winches are just the icing on the cake, no more fumbling through the truck to find ropes and tie-downs; it is all at my fingertips. The complete package was worth the search and I highly recommend it to anyone. Now when I see System One racks on another truck, I know they made the right decision like I did.

Rick Munhollon
Byron, IL

I have just finished installing my System One unit - the Contractor Rig with Work Winches. I am very pleased with the look of the unit and the simplicity of installation. The System One unit has caught the eye of many envious truck owners, who have asked me numerous questions about the system. It looks great and is extremely functional. Thank you for making such a great product.

Tom Tandarich
Uniontown, PA

JDA Remodeling

I'm on my second System One. I previously had a Nissan Frontier which made hauling construction materials from lumber to 4X8 sheets of plywood or sheet rock to 16' long carpeting as well as some equipment such as ladders so much easier. I also added the tool boxes on both sides which freed up even more room in the bed and cab area. I now have an F350 and found that I was lost without my System One so needless to say I ordered another system. I did keep my boxes from the previous system. I would also add that the personnel at Christensen Manufacturing are the most helpful in both the ordering process and resolving any problems.

Steven Berck
Uncasville, CT

Lipka Construction Inc.

I have looked at many ladder racks and none have compared with System One's ease of use and convenient tie-down system. We currently have a System One ladder rack on all of our company pick-ups.

Frank Lipka
Marengo, WI

I installed my new rack last night, and I just have to tell you how truly impressed I am with your product. I did a lot of comparison shopping before stepping up to buy your system and I am glad I did, it is by far the nicest one out there on the market and priced right too. I am very, very picky. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants a top notch product. THE WORK WINCHES ARE FANTASTIC.

Randy Tritt
Creswell, OR

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I like your rack. The aluminum bed rail Trak is a fantastic item in itself. It looks great on my truck, as good as any rail protector and at a truly economical price. Meanwhile it provides a super strong tie-down base. I replaced the included Phillips screws with stainless ΒΌ" x 2" eyebolts for even more tie-down options and convenience. Anyone who buys a new truck should get your Trak to protect the bed and provide tie-downs as well as seriously consider the complete system. Your work winch is also a super convenience and extremely well made. Thanks again and I'll be ordering again in the future.

John LaQuiere
St. Clair Shore, MI

Decked Out by Don

I have been in business for 14 years now and have 10 trucks on the road - I've tried a lot of different ladder racks through the years. System One is the best! Not only are they priced A-OK but they do not beat up your truck like the weight of steel racks. I'm in the process of switching my entire fleet over to your system.

Don Tomlins
Venetia, PA

I recently purchased a ladder rack for my new Toyota Tundra. I was amazed at the quality of just plain 'beefiness' of the rack. The assembly instructions were well written and the illustrations were clear. It was easy to put together. The ladder rack is priced in line with all of the steel racks but of course it is made of aluminum and lighter in weight. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a quality ladder rack for their vehicle.

Jeff Davis
Newman Lake, WA

Dynamite FX

We have installed your ladder racks onto two of our vans and they have performed great. The ladders mount securely and the fastening system works a lot better than conventional elastic straps. We will definitely invest in your product for future vehicles.

Michael Bovino
West Berlin, NJ

I wanted to keep the cap on my F150, and I needed a ladder rack plus I had some other specialized applications in mind. Your technical expert advised me on the BEST way to accomplish what I wanted to do, NOT the most expensive way to do it. I appreciated his honestly.

Tim Parlette
Toledo, OH

Rosewood Construction

We were very impressed with the quality of the ladder rack and work winches we received. Customer service was exceptional and delivery was very prompt. Thank you very much for a wonderful buying experience.

Kristie Bate
North Berwick, ME

Specialty Builders, Inc.

As a new contractor I needed a ladder rack for my 97 Ford F250 extended cab pickup. I ordered my rack directly from System One. Their staff was courteous and very knowledgeable. My rack was shipped promptly as promised. Within 3 hours I was able to install on my truck due to the excellent instruction that came with it. The quality of all components left me completely impressed. Everything was machined excellently. Nothing was cheap or flimsy. And I have received many comments from other contractors as to how good it looks and fits my truck. As to carrying capacity, I have loaded it down often with no concern for damaging it due to the structural strength of the components. An in comparison to local machine shop black steel racks there is no comparison. This was cheaper and so much better built. I do not see how anyone could go wrong with a System One Rack. I would not hesitate to recommend System One racks to anyone.

Bob Crossman
Mechanicsville, VA

I wanted to take a moment and send you an email to tell you it is a pleasure to have a quality product like yours on my truck, or at least did have on my truck. I recently purchased one of your "Contractor Rigs" with the 13' arms to carry my 20' tipi poles on gracefully. I thought the initial price was little high, but I have always thought paying a little more for a well made product is a good investment. Over the recent holidays my wife and I were driving our truck to our vacation spot with the tipi poles (about 225 pounds) lashed to the System One rack. Unfortunately, we met another fellow at an intersection while moving in excess of 30 mph. I was afraid that if we all survived the initial impact the other driver would be speared with flying 20' tipi poles. But, contrary to my worst nightmares, your rack held up beautifully during the impact, all the poles stayed right where they were and no one was injured!! Thanks again for a truly great product. When I get my new truck I will be ordering two new bed rails as they were the only part of the rack that were damaged in the collision. Keep up the good work!

Bob Shape

Last spring I purchased a pair of System One racks for my van, mainly because they are made of aluminum. But recently I purchased a new pickup and needed racks for it. I ordered the heavy contractor rig, knowing that I could install my work winches on it. The fact the entire line of your products is modular is the best reason to own System One racks. The service is great, the product is great, and the versatility is great. I will never buy another brand of racks again. Thanks!

Michael Robbins
Mashpee, MA

Marko Construction LLC

Just purchased and installed your contractor truck rack on my 2000 Chevy Silverado. Not only is it the best looking rack on the market, it's a great working rack. The 4 work winches work like a breeze and the best thing is no more ropes hanging around in the bed of the truck. I was shocked to see the tolerances and the workmanship of all the pieces as I began to install it on my truck. Thanks for making a great product!

Steve Marko
Wilton, CT

Outstanding!!! I became more impressed with your pick-up contractor rack with every component I put together. The main rack is heavy duty, the work winches are fantastic (no more looking for bungees), and after a wax job the whole rack boosts the testosterone level of the truck. Not very often I get more than expected.

Doug Johnson
Lanesboro, MN

I recently ordered a System One Utility Rig for my Mazda pickup truck to carry my canoe on. The ordering process was smooth and delivery was in the same week. Having worked in aircraft maintenance for 40 plus years I was pleasantly surprised to find the quality of the rack to be on a par with aircraft parts. The assembly was easy and the parts all fit perfectly. Needless to say I am quite pleased with the purchase and the product.

Ed Lawson
Fayetteville, GA

I would like to thank you for the excellent service and a very high quality product. My rack fit fine and assembly was very simple. Thanks again.

Stephen Harmon
Lebanon, CT

Debris Free Gutters

I just wanted to email you a quick note to let you know how awesome your ladder rack design is. I just purchased a brand new Ford F250 and every ladder rack I found looked like garbage on my nice new truck, that is until I found the System One rack. It looks AWESOME!! The best part is that the rack functions even better than it looks. I have a gutter business and I am constantly taking my ladders off and on my truck. The wear inserts are dramatically extending the life of my ladders and the ratchet winch system eliminates me from having to fumble around with stupid bungee cords ever again. It is so fast, easy, and simple to tie down any load that I choose to carry on the rack. Thank you for finally inventing a ladder rack that looks great and functions even better. Oh yeah, and it will never rust either!! Your product is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Kevin Kaelin
Trumansburg, NY

I recently purchased a Utility Rig and was very pleased with the quality, and ease of the installation. I live in a very wet climate near the coast, and the aluminum construction was an important factor, as well as the ability to remove the system when not needed.

Bryan Flohr
Santa Rosa, CA

I've had the H/D sport utility rack for a couple of months now. It's nice to see an American made product that is built with pride and attention to quality. That seems to be something this country is losing track of. I've had many people 'check it out' in the short time I've owned it and all have been impressed and want to know where I got it. You probably will be getting more calls from this area. I find the sliding anchors really nice. It puts a tie down right where I need it every time. Keep up the great work!

Rick O'Neill

Reynolds Construction

We recently purchased our second ladder rack from your company. We did this because of the quality of your product is second to none. The ease of assembly and the precision of the machine parts make assembly a snap. We get many comments about the quality look that you have achieved. Many of my contractor friends are in envy when we tighten down our loads using the work winches and they are still messing with bungee cords and rope. As long as you keep building them we'll keep buying them.

Bill & Barb
Corning, NY

I love my ladder racks, I have always wanted a set so finally I decided to take the money and buy a set when I bought my new truck. They look really good; I was worried that they might make my truck look bad because I have always hated the old metal ladder racks. These are nothing like the old kind and being able to add the color strip to match my truck was really nice also. I have just recently purchased the work winch tie down straps and I am enjoying having them also it is so much easier to have them already attached to the racks than using a bunch of loose ropes.

Travis Grizzle
Greenup, KY

Pelka Construction LLC

I recently purchased for the second time the contractor pick-up ladder rack for our new vehicle. I based my decision to purchase the System One rack on my previous experience with the product which I purchased about 8 years ago. I truly believe this is the finest product of its type on the market today. Without getting into the details the functionality and precision craftsmanship of this ladder rack is unlike any other I've ever seen.

Mike Kaganek
Jackson, NJ

Superior Stamped Concrete

I'm writing to let you know that your product is of superior quality, and was extremely easy to assemble. I'm a concrete contractor and although there were many choices for ladder racks, I'm very happy I chose yours!!! I would also like to thank you for the speedy shipment, it only took about 27 hours from the time I placed the order!! I would not hesitate to purchase your products in the future. Thanks!

Michael Post
Queensbury, NY

Wow - you guys are great!! I ordered my System One ladder rack last Tuesday and it arrived the next day - yes, the very next day. During the excitement of opening all the boxes, my lovely wife informed me that I had ordered the wrong color trim tape. After a brief conversation with one of your representatives, the replacement was promptly shipped - no questions, no hassle. Thanks for the terrific service and terrific product.

Richard Cotton
Freeville, NY

I was very impressed with quality and materials of your ladder racks. I've looked elsewhere at other racks before and never found quite what I was looking for. I was most satisfied with your product, and the price was very reasonable.

Raymond Correira
Fall River, MA

I was searching for a rack system to haul a canoe and two kayaks on my Dodge Ram 1500. I found your Utility Rig and was impressed at the way it looked. I ordered it thinking I would receive a rack system but really didn't expect what I got. Upon opening the boxes I was very pleased with the quality. The mounting system is super strong and top of the line. The accessories offered are top notch and very functional. I am very glad I went with your system as opposed to a roof rack system I was thinking of. Now I have all the load on the bed, on a high quality, professional looking and very functional rack system.

Randy Wyatt
Albany, GA

Rosewood Builders

Pleasure doing business with an organized and efficient company. Received exactly what and as I was told. Installation went smooth with very clear instructions. Unfortunately (because of the quality) I won't need another rack for years, but I would recommend to all!

Roger D. Rose
Iron Mountain, MI

Great looking and well built rack. My wife and I picked out the color for the strips and mailed it in, got it back in record time. I am very pleased with the quality and strength of the rack. It's a great looking addition to my new Chevy truck. Without it, I couldn't accomplish as much work everyday. Thanks for designing a functional and clean looking rack. I constantly recommend System One to all the guys are the supply house.

Thermal Dynamics Commercial Service
Beaverdam, VA

This is an excellent product; I have not seen anything to match it. It is of excellent quality and workmanship. I would recommend this product any time.

Tom Bond
Clearlake Oaks, CA

Haws Roofing Company Inc

My family has been in the Commercial Roofing business for 70 years. For the majority of those years, we fabricated and installed our own racks, usually of tubular steel. With the price of worker's comp insurance, related payroll taxes and labor rates, I found the System One racks to be cost effective. I recently purchased and installed the utility rack on my new Ford Super Duty. The ease of use, apparent sturdiness, and great looks are far superior to anything I have seen or built.

Matt Haws
Tyler, TX

Timaron Construction Company

Timaron Construction Company wants to say thank you for a really great and useful ladder rack. We love the way it looks and the way it fit perfectly onto our company truck. We will be sure to use System One for any other equipment we might need. Thanks again.

Tim Sullivan
Round Hill, VA

I am very pleased with the ladder racks I ordered from you. I have driven several vans with other racks, but I am most pleased with yours. The design seems to be more secure than others I have had experience with. I would recommend this product to others interested in purchasing racks.

Dennis Radford
Morgantown, WV

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to commend you on the quick and friendly service that your company has provided to me. On December 23rd I ordered a System One rack system not expecting it until after the Christmas holiday, but on December 24th at 3:30 pm who pulls in but UPS (sorry Mr. UPS). This is the second rack system we have ordered and in both cases we have had great service and lots of help. Thanks again and we will be back.

Steve Funk
Peraskie, PA

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my new ladder racks. They are not only extremely functional but very attractive. I have had many other contractors inquire about the availability of these racks, in fact, I know of one contractor who has ordered a set for himself. Thank you for a truly unique and functional product.

Jeremiah Smith

Nashville, TN

The system was easy to install on my new Dodge Ram truck. The system was delivered the day after I placed my order. The utility system looks great and is perfect for my property management work. Many thanks!

Dan Perera
Hancock, VT

This truck rack system was the best one I could have bought. And for anyone else who is looking for one, take it from a working man - this is the one you want. Plain and simple. Nothing more to say. Thanks again to the makers of System One.

Daniel Deloge, Jr.
Waco, GA

I just put the racks on my new Chevy S-10 crew cab and it looks great!! It really finishes off the truck. With the short bed of the crew cab, the racks really make the difference. I took the advice of a co-worker and bought from System One and I'm sure glad I did!! Excellent product and I'll pass it on!!

William Halliwell
Stratford, CT

Thoroughbred Contractors

I recently purchased your System One Contractor Rig for my Chevy utility bed truck. I originally chose yours because of the nice look and maintenance free finish. After installing it the ease of strapping my ladder was great and the anti wear strips are great ladder protection! In the future I will only purchase your racks.

Mike Belskis
Shelbyville, KY

Sunshine Window Cleaning

I put the ladder rack on a week ago and everyone loves it. My biggest comment about it would be that it is not only is it utilitarian but attractive. To put it simply "it looks cool". The extras help to make it more useful than any other rack that I have seen and with the back beam coming off so easily it works perfectly with our needs. Thank you.

Greg Reid
Boise, ID

I just purchased a rack system for my 2004 F150. I was very happy with the system on my 1999 truck that I traded in that I did not hesitate to purchase another. Fits great, looks great, makes the truck look sharp, is extremely durable and easy to install.

Joe Reising
Vero Beach, FL

R & G Bobcat Service

Thanks for a wonderful, efficient product. I have a new Chevy truck and was concerned about drilling a bunch of holes to mount my tool boxes. Pick-up trak afforded a way to keep holes to a minimum and still have a secure way to mount them. I will also be mounting my ladder rack to the traks. This is a product you can tell all your friends about and know that you are referring a great product.

Ron Deemer
Ashtabula, OH

Ladder racks are only as good as they are useful, that's what makes your product the best! Clearly the only one thought out ahead of time. Other guys at work have steel racks, but they either can't secure loads properly or they damage loads by over tightening. Thanks for making my job easier. I've made money because people saw the rack, and the image it projected says quality about the guy who has one.

Dan Duckson
Clayton, NC

This is the only truck rack my wife will allow me to put on my truck. Otherwise she will not ride in it! Besides looking good, it's extremely functional. Thanks for such a great product!

Rich Meyer
Keeseville, NY

We purchased the Van Utility Rig system for our Dodge van. We are not a business, but purchased the system for personal use. We are restoring an old house, and make many trips to purchase drywall, lumber, etc. We wanted more versatility with our van, especially when we had to carry oversized lumber. The Van Utility Rig system has been wonderful. It looks sharp and adds tremendous carrying capabilities to our van. We researched the various products available. We thought your design was by far the best we saw. We had confidence in your product because of the rugged construction.

Lawrence & Debbie Alspaugh
Haskell, OK

I am very satisfied with the exceptional System One aluminum ladder rack. The workmanship of the materials is absolutely the best, and the ingenious System One work winch tie-down mechanism is first rate, a timesaver and extremely safe to use.

Howard J. Goldblatt
Ardmore, PA

I have had my racks and tool boxes for about four years and have used them every day and your product has out lasted my truck. My problem is my business is in need of a specialty truck and I will not purchase this new truck if I can not modify my rack to work with it.

Jody Hall

You indeed have an excellent product. I'm glad I did my homework and went with your system. The first day I had it on my truck I came out of a local building materials supply store to find a mob of other contractors marveling about how great it looked. I went over the features and talked with several of them for probably 15 minutes. Some even wrote down your toll free number. Maybe I should become a sales rep. Anyway, now I can load as much on the rack and leave more room in the bed for tools. I seldom need to pull a trailer now to the jobsite. Thanks again for your well-designed rack system.

Jay Adams
St. Joseph, MO

Revak Electric and Carpentry

I am writing to commend you on your System One Modular Truck Equipment. It is extremely well thought out and well made. As an electrical and general contractor, I need a rack that does more than just carry ladders. Your system converts a regular pick-up into a truly versatile truck; in fact I'm still finding more neat things I can do with it! Thanks for a great product!

Michael C. Revak
Newtown, PA

Today I installed a set of System One racks on my new GMC. You have an outstanding product. I have seen an increase in the number of your truck racks in use in this area in the last few months so it would appear others are discovering this as well. I never pass up an opportunity to recommend System One, one of the very few products on the market today which I will endorse. Keep up the good work!

Victor F. Sims
Milford, MA

Appalachian Cable

We build aerial and underground cable for Northland Communications in western North Carolina and northern Georgia. It is some of the roughest (mountainous) terrain in the eastern U.S. Our Ford F250 4x4's take the abuse pretty well, but either our racks wouldn't hold up or their mounting would cause damage to the trucks. We have had all kinds of racks, both manufactured and custom made. Not only does System One equipment stand up to the abuse but our trucks stay better organized, look better, and our ladders, for the first time, ride quietly.

Paul Rice
Saluda, NC

Build Beautiful Inc.

Congratulations! Finally someone's come up with the ultimate contractor's rack! We've never seen a rack even close to this quality. It addresses just about every problem we've ever had carrying tools and equipment, and its clean styling is consistent with our company's reputation for clean work.

Darryl Kitchen
Upper Marlboro, MD

Wheatland Construction

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with the new System One truck rack I purchased in November of last year. I found it easy to assemble and it looks great. We receive compliments and inquiries on appearance and durablilty wherever we go. I recently carried two 24' glulam beams, each over 300 lbs. apiece, 75 miles. The rack carried the load easily without showing any signs of stress. I like everything about my new rack but I would say my favorite feature is the ratchet tie-down. Not having to find a rope or bungee cord, finding something to hook them to or wrap around is a great time saver for a busy man! Thanks again for the time and energy someone put in to make this rack a complete system for someone in my line of work.

Steve Kopczynski
Colfax, WA

Under Construction Inc.

We have had your System One "Contractor Rig" installed on our Ford F350 crew cab for over one year now and I feel I should compliment you on a flawless design. We are fencing contractors, installing fence for residences, commercial property, and livestock. Our F350 is always carrying over-length cargo like pressure treated 2"x6"x16', and 20' rebar, 20' pipe, etc. and is frequently loaded to around 1000 lbs. Your equipment takes the load without any trouble and the cargo fastening method (ratchet tie-downs) is perfect for us because of the variety of material we carry and its ease of use. We pride ourselves on clean, good-looking equipment, and being aluminum and stainless steel, it's one less thing we need to maintain. Its original design gets us noticed and helps our image.

Glenn Sandler
Blacksburg, VA

S & J Construction

I specialize in building custom homes here in North Carolina. In July of 1996 I purchased a new Ford Diesel F250 pick-up truck. I wanted to install a rack that wouldn't require the maintenance that my previous racks did and that wouldn't cause damage to my new truck. Your System One rack has addressed both of these concerns and it has added a professional look to our company truck.

I was very pleased after assembling the System One rack. There is literally no movement whatsoever even under the heaviest of loads. The ratchet and strap accessory is a necessity for me. It saves me time in securing loads because I don't have to hunt for ropes.

I highly recommend the System One rack to anyone who works hard and expects the most from their equipment. Thanks for making my job simpler.

Steven L. Scott
Brevard, NC

Yeager Construction Co.

I wish I had known about System One aluminum truck racks several steel racks ago. They are the most unique and practical racks I have found!

Mike Yeager
Sellersburg, IN